Our Story

We are a group of 5 friends. We all started studying college in 2015 and graduated together in 2020. In our college times, our common conversations have been about entrepreneurship. One day in May 2017 one of our friends Ruthran spoke to us about digital marketing. That idea and that work together brought all of us together. Since then we have all learned the term digital marketing wholeheartedly and made it our profession. We are registering our business in Jan-2020 as a digital marketing agency. We started our journey as a local business digital marketing agency. After some experience, we gain in this space we are going to work with e-com brands.  So far we have successfully served 12 international e-com brands and 34 local brands.​

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Our Mission
Is to Add Value To Your Business

We have

Facebook ads Certified experts


Certified Google ads experts


Graphic Designers


Web Designers


 And also we have the essentials to do advertisements in all the digital channels

Zha Digital has a very talented team. All of them are always diligent in their skill development. So we hope these people will better serve the advertising service using the best and latest technology available to you.
The first job for all of these people is to give value to your business. So when you dign them as your business's advertising partners, we assure you that they will work hard to make your dream come true.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


We have always been honest with our business and our clients. By this, we see ourselves in the right way. And we make sure our service is just right


We all have an obligation to take full responsibility of your business. We do our best to grow your brand


We hope you have all the knowledge you need to take your business from zero to its peak value. Providing value for you will serve as fuel for our knowledge.


We breathe Digital Marketing every day. We dedicate our entire time and knowledge to our business. Through the services we provide, we will grow even more


We are all in the world of digital marketing with great enthusiasm. This is the passion of all of us. That’s why we’re all doing better

We Work With the Very Best